Saturday, March 27, 2004

The trip we took to Navojoa Sonora Mexico was fantastic. The 6 high school seniors that went painted a block wall fence for our host, Pastor Lan in the mornings and in the evenings, ministered to over 200 children in 3 villages.

The city of Navojoa had the fewest kids with around a dozen. The village of Burabampo had in the neighborhood of 80 children turn out for the event and Jitonhueca (Hee-tone-way-kuh) had around 100!

The evenings began by handing out crayons and pages with Bible picture/stories on them to be colored. Their completed pages were then hung on the wall. After this there was a time of music and then we showed the "Jesus Film" for children in Spanish.

When the film was complete the pastor led those interested, and their were many, in the sinner's prayer. We then handed out some candy, a couple of pencils and a couple of balloons to each child. It was great.

We left Navojoa on Friday morning and came back up to San Carlos. Here we spent the afternoon at the beach and the night at the Community Church there pastored by Rev. Lilly. We took Rev. Lilly and his wife Gloria out to dinner at "Charlies Rock" and came back to Arizona the next morning.

For more pictures and some musical sound bytes from our return service click here.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

We got back from our Mission Mexico Trip late Saturday evening. It was fantastic! We took 6 high school seniors and there was one other adult sponsor beside myself. We ministered to almost 200 children in 3 different villages, where we showed the Jesus Film for children, colored Bible stories with the kids, handed out pencils, candy and sang and sang and sang!

I'll try to have some pictures posted in the next couple of days. Thanks for all your prayers.